Thursday, January 03, 2008

I finally have the answer!!

...sort of.

I watched Nightly News tonight, as is my usual evening routine, and they had David Gregory explain what exactly takes place in the caucuses. Now I have at least a brief understanding of the process. And it's so stupid!! I'm all for keeping with traditions, but this seems to be an antiquated system that's not really needed.

I'm sure having CNN would benefit my knowledge of the political process even more, since there is constant coverage on that channel I'm sure, but as you know my "cable" company pulled it. Along with Animal Planet, I just found out. My roommate will not be happy about that when she comes back. And there's dish network ads playing on two channels. Hmm... so that I quit complaining on my blog, I think the "cable" company is getting a phone call from me tomorrow. And I promise, unless something drastically horrible happens with that, I will not blog about my television stations anymore. Scouts honor.

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They call him James Ure said...

I had nothing but problems with Dish Network. Switched to Directv and LOVED it immediately.