Friday, January 18, 2008

It's been a long week, but I survived my first freelance writing job. I churned out 50 articles in four days. It was a a feat, but I feel like I've accomplished a lot. Now I have that all-important experience higher paying freelance jobs are looking for. I also have a writing sample that, until this job, i was just too lazy to write. I think freelance work suits me. There's nothing better than working for yourself. Of course my mother thinks I'm a shut-in now. She's worried I'll spend too much time at home if I keep working online. Hmmm... she's got a point, but I'm sure that I can balance work and human interaction. I'm going to try head outside and have some fun this weekend... if I don't freeze to death from the wind chill first.

The only downside of this whole freelance thing is that I probably should invest in a new computer. I've been so podcast crazy that I have under 1 gig left free on my hard drive. I can't believe my computer is still functioning right now. I don't really have the assets to get a new one, so I think I just need to restrict my podcast subscriptions. But that might be a lot harder than it sounds. I found a gold mine of old public domain and B-movies. And old radio shows too. I just can't give them up... and most of them I haven't even heard yet. And if I find any other podcast of interest... well that might just send my computer to the grave.

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