Thursday, February 28, 2008

You know what? I just might be free of freelance articles tonight. I just submitted a few rewrites (not really my fault, but I was a good sport about it) and applied for some new assignments. Now I'm free and clear... for awhile. Today, I honestly don't care if I jinx it and get another assignment as soon as I'm done blogging. This girl needs to pay her bills... and at least I finally am at a point where I can do it with writing. Go figure. At least I'm proving my mother wrong. That feels really good right now.

Chicago is still up in the air. I'm making money, sure... but not enough to relocate at the moment. There is a few more months left on my lease, so I haven't started panicking yet--but that's only a matter of time. I don't care if I have to live in a studio apartment the size of my thumb... I want to live in Chicago. I want to be as close to a major metropolitan area as possible. And no, Indianapolis does NOT count! I've been there. I wasn't impressed.

Just so you know I am listening to the greatest podcast right now. It's Hollywood on the Radio and plays old radio shows featuring movie stars. The one I'm listening to is one with Judy Garland. It is amazing! I'm still scared to death of The Wizard of Oz, even at 23, but she is still an amazing singer. And Toto was cute.

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