Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Fun Stuff

I got started on packing today. Granted, 90% of my possessions are still in a box from my last move, but there were things still at my parents house of mine that they just can't wait to get rid of. Now they'll have a whole second walk in closet to fill up if they want to. And I have two bedroom closets and two halls closets to fill up in my apartment.

And I'm really excited about my new art project for decoration. I'm going to frame a bunch of old postcards that I got when we cleaned out my grandma's house and put those on the wall so no one has to look at my posters from high school and college any longer. I can't wait to get that started... all I need to do now is go and buy the frame... but I should probably wait to see how many more costs I incur when I call all of the utility companies tomorrow to get that stuff set up. Yikes... too much to do!


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