Monday, August 04, 2008

New Apartment, Day 3

Things are starting to come together. I have some pictures on the walls, my cabinets are organized, but I don't have a microwave, and it's really annoying. I can't reheat leftovers (well, at least fast enough). But... working here without any distractions (except sometimes the television) it great! Although I think it might get even better once I actually move my computer into my office. It'll be in the living room until the cable guy comes back tomorrow to run the line. It might actually stay out in the living room until the weekend just because I'm lazy... and I want to get my apartment set up some more before I go moving this thing for the third time in three days. But anyway... I had to quit job today. They still haven't paid me, and anyone who reads this blog religiously (I know there's at least one person out there!) knows that i have been dealing with these people for months. But no more. All I can do now is bug them about getting the rest of my money that the owe me. And I have no problems getting a lawyer on their ass... as long as they are willing to take a case that's well under $1000 bucks. Whatever. It'll get solved one of these days. Hopefully soon.


Bobbi said...

Post some pictures of your new apartment, I want to see it! :)

Terri said...

I'll ask a friend if I can borrow his digital camera... and as soon as I can get it, I'll post pictures of it. :)