Friday, November 28, 2008

My Fridge Smells Awesome

Okay... not really. Have you ever smelled leftover turkey? Tastes great, smells terrible. And I would switch the pile of bird meat from a covered plate to airtight plastic ware, but I ran out. It's all dirty or made its way to another house. And even after giving away most of the leftovers, I still have way too much. But its okay. If I can eat turkey for the whole weekend, I get Oreo pie as dessert for those days. But today I'm working overtime in order to get a great paycheck in February, so all I have to do after lunch today is fill the dishwasher, and I will be set.

And I really wanted to go shopping today, but because all I could think about buying was things for myself, I decided to stay home. I know whatever I could buy today I wouldn't really need, such as an iPod dock (although I think I really do need that) and various other junk that I can get cheaper online (which I've already bought).

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