Monday, January 26, 2009

The Cold Came Back

I thought Indiana was doing great with the weather, but now it's all cold and snowy again. Well, the snow hasn't hit quite yet, but I'm sure it'll be here before I go to bed.

But that means it almost hurts to work at night. The office gets a little too cold and my fingers go numb. Too bad I can't type with gloves. So, I gave up on working tonight. I'm only 2 articles behind my goal for the day, but now I'm 20 articles behind my goal for the month. And my E key still sticks. That gets really annoying.

Why complain though? It's not worth it. And giving up on work lets me have about an hour to write on my two short stories I'm preparing for a contest. I only have until March to get them perfect, and less time if I want to convince someone to read them before I enter the contest. But all will be done---once I catch up (and maybe even get ahead?!) with my articles for work.

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