Friday, January 30, 2009

Here's what's wrong

Today just hasn't been a good day, so I decided to figure out why I'm so neurotic about things. Here's just some of the things I think I have:

Fear of needles or pins (who doesn't?)
Ergophobia: Fear of work (work environments)--obviously. I work from home!
Glossophobia: Fear of public speaking
Socialphobia: Fear of people... maybe more of a distaste? It's also known as extreme shyness. It's a big giant word just to say that I fear possible rejection by other people. And I do.

Now, I don't list these for pity. I just need a visual aid... a checklist of sorts to see what I can get over. Nothing will ever change if I can't change myself. I'm the only controlled variable in this equation. So I've got to leave the pity party and go back to work. I took today off, but I think I'll go back to work anyway. At least it's something to keep me a little distracted for the moment. And I have edits piling up as it is.

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