Friday, January 02, 2009

It's All Paid Off

Although I've been kind of moping around my apartment listlessly for the last few weeks when work has been almost nonexistent, this little holiday vacation has finally paid off. I just wrote a poem that I am extremely proud of. Although it is on its first draft, it's still a major accomplishment. It's not sappy first of all, which a bad habit I tend to repeat over and over again. It's also full of references that one day may need to have footnotes, which I've always loved when I study poetry. Until I show it to someone for critique and get my heart broken because no one understands it, this will officially b the absolute best poem that I have ever written (so far). Yay!

(By the way, I've had way too much cappuccino this morning as well, so take what you will from that.)

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