Wednesday, February 18, 2009

It's Looking UP

I'm on the back end of my terrible cold (I can breathe out of my nose again!). Now I get to play catch up once more: 102 articles in 9 days. That about 51 hours of work... more if I want to not only catch up, but finally get ahead. I can do it. I just won't sleep Saturday or Sunday night. Cappuccino is stocked (so is my reserve of Mountain Dew) so there should be no problems. I would pull an all-nighter tonight, but I'm afraid that I'll have a setback with my cold if I do.

But I still have to get at least 8 more done today, which shouldn't be a problem. I have 7-10pm and 11-whenever to get it done tonight. I would do them earlier (like, um, NOW) but I have to clean, read (I'm really missing my books!), and watch Anatomy of A Murder at 3. Once again, I will express my undying love for TCM.

Now I'm off to get it all done... and I hope my new neighbor won't bother me:

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