Sunday, March 22, 2009

A chance to relax

For the first time in two months, I took Saturday off from anything that would pay me any kind of money. It was really refreshing. I still didn't have much to do, but I did manage to put the finishing touches on my tax forms and watch a movie. The movie was Double Exposure, a movie living in the public domain (which you can watch from

(You can also get more info on the movie from IMDB)

For a public domain movie, it's certainly one of the better ones. It stars Chester Morris and Nancy Kelly. It follows the editor of a photo magazine. His boss, a health nut name Turlock, decides to hire a new photographer. Little did anyone know that this photographer from Iowa is a woman. She comes to the big city to prove that she is as good as the boys. She left a boyfriend at home, but not for long. Bouts of drama and comedy ensue. It's only about an hour long, so it's a perfect escape from reality, if you happen to like movies from the 1940's.

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