Thursday, March 19, 2009

Chronically Confused

Because I've been having such a hard time at work, I thought I would turn to my other options that I take for occasional writing jobs -- including working with this blog. My intention to have a blog was never to make money on it, but I would take the occasional paid post. I still do. But I try to only take posts that I know would interest a wide variety of my readers.

So yesterday I spent some time trying to better my blog in order to attract more readers and more sponsors. But it turns out that if you don't put any money into your blog, you can't get anywhere. Very few people like the idea of using Blogger. I guess since it takes less than ten minutes to set up a kind of blog like this, I don't blame anyone for being wary about the quality. But I really wish that before casting me aside, my blog posts would be read. I try to write high quality posts, and I believe that this should be the deciding factor, not whether my Google page rank is higher than 5 or that my blog lives on a domain name that I have no money to pay for.

I guess I'm just upset because of the way some of those sponsor groups I work for. Now there are another set of rankings for blogs, and it put mine down lower on the totem pole than it has been before. I can get paid $5 for a post that someone else gets $250 for, and each post is probably of comparable quality. And I do understand that sponsors are paying for a wide range of exposure that I cannot give them. So I guess I'm saying that once again, I find myself a failure. But at least this time it's not a failure as a writer. It's a failure at being a marketer or advertiser. I guess I just don't believe in the "spend money to make money" concept. I only believe in hard work.

Maybe I should just get a job stuffing envelopes. Then again, even I could screw that up the way my life is going.

Let's forget how I like to complain and move onto something a little bit lighter in mood. I've written a new poem for Earth Day, which you can take a look at on Associated Content:

Mother Nature Cries
An Earth Day Poem

I also wrote a movie review on one of my favorite movies, It's a Wonderful Life:

A Wonderful Classic: It's a Wonderful Life
A review of the box office bust turned Christmas classic.

I started packing too. I had an empty box sitting in my office for the past week, and since July will come up pretty fast if I don't pay attention, I started packing away a little bit of the decor in my office.

And now I'm going to go sit in front of the television for awhile to see if I can forget about anything that's happened this week.

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Catana said...

I don't agree that you have to spend money to promote a blog. Of course, if the goal is to make the blog very profitable, spending money helps. I blogged for two years on a fairly obscure topic (on a site I paid for, not on Blogger) and was surprised to find that it had gained a Google ranking of four without any effort from me. I never advertised it, never monetized it, though I thought about trying to make some money from it. Good content and lots of patience will bring the readership. If you want shortcuts, I guess you could spend the money.