Friday, March 06, 2009


not only is it Friday, but it's finally warm here. I get to leave my patio door open and let all the fresh air in. I'm getting a little lazy about work this morning, but that's just because I know that I have all night to work on it. Why? Because I'm a loser who never has plans on a Friday night. But that's really besides the point.

I had to lower my article goal this month to make sure that I meet it. But in order to make up for the amazing amount of money I could have been making with those extras I didn't commit to, I'm working even harder on some individual articles, book reviews, and all of that good stuff. I'll post the new work here when I get around to finishing it. And you know if there's any free time left I'll be all over those manuscripts I have lying around the house. Actually, I think I'll start working on those after lunch.

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