Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Gobs of gloom

It's a slow work week again. I have been spending most of my time this morning staring out the window while I do some things in the internet. Storms are coming this way. I really love storms, as long as they are still relatively safe. I live on the second floor, so I don't worry about flooding, but high winds could be an issue. Other than that, I love the flashes of lightning and big booms of thunder. It's a perfect atmosphere to write or even revise fiction. I always picture myself as a female Dr. Frankenstein, madly (but carefully) working over my monster (=the fiction). I'm looking for the crack of lightning that sets it all to life. Maybe it'll happen sooner than I think.

As far as writing for money... ugh. I just don't have the energy for it today. I might get a couple of articles out of the way, but nothing like cranking out 10+ a day anymore, even if the ones I write now are significantly shorter. But it's okay. I've covered my budget for April and May, so I can reevaluate my life for another 7 days, at least. And I'm going to take this time to really think about it and make changes. Otherwise, I'll end up back in my parents guest room by August. I don't think anyone wants that.

I think I might sell off some more of my junk on eBay. I made enough with my old laptop last month to cover some bills. But I don't have anything that big anymore. All I have lying around here are books and books and... more books. I hoard books because I love them so much. But to be honest, I don't want to lug 100 pounds of books around when I move again. I think I'll spend some time tonight and see if I can't part with just a few.

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Ferd said...

Any friend of Dr. Frankenstein is a friend of mine! : )

I've sold many books on eBay and on cash4books.net.

Good luck with your writing, and I hope you never have to move back in with your mother! ; )

But you might want to consider a part time job while your writing takes off.