Friday, March 27, 2009

Major teeth decisions

I am very serious about teeth health. I’m sure why that is, but it might have something to do with this whole shyness thing. Part of my shyness is the fact that my teeth are not perfectly straight, so it’s hard to get the courage to smile around people I don’t know. Compared to some, my teeth really are not that bad. My incisors stick out, but for the most part the rest of my teeth are somewhat symmetrical. It just looks like I wanted to be a vampire I guess!

I can joke about it now, but before it was really bad. People would actually think I was mean or stuck up because I wouldn’t smile. That’s why I take such good care of me teeth. So, I’ve been looking at Teeth Whitening Reviews to find the right product. I used to use a cheap bottle of the whitening gel that you paint one, because I thought that none of the strips would evenly whiten my top teeth. Then I tried the dissolving strips, and those were kind of disgusting. At least it was a free sample – I wouldn’t want to pay for that! But I think that I’m finally ready to try one of the more expensive products.

And you know what? Writing about my teeth just gave me a great idea for a poem… I’m off to write it! If it turns out, I’ll share it.


IndianPie said...

Well, I too have been suffering from the same problem. likely to visit a dentist very soon to sort out all these problems related to my teeth.

Anyways, nice post. Keep it up :)

Nanci said...

I used to have trouble with smiling due to bad teeth, but since I got them fixed I feel like I smile all the time!

Jon said...

I'm not too fond of attending the dentist. The last time I was there I had to get a tooth pulled after which I contracted a gum infection which was more painful than my original toothache.

Terri said...

That sounds terrible. I only go to the dentist when I really have to, but I haven't had a major problem yet.

tashabud said...

My daughter had very bad teeth when she was younger. Because of her small mouth and her narrow jaw, her teeth were jammed and crooked. After two years with braces, her teeth are now straight and perfect, giving her a beautiful smile. They're expensive, but worth the money we spent for her.

My problem with teeth is my overbite. I hate it. Oh, well, nobody's perfect, eh?