Thursday, March 26, 2009

New articles, new outlook

I just published two new articles on eHow. If your into spring cleaning and want to take this time to go green in your home, check out How to Spring Clean Green. If you live in an apartment, get tips on How to Spring Clean an Apartment.

And I have already found out that this new schedule needs some tweaking. I all of my surfing (+ Entrecard drops!) and research is easier to complete in the morning. Articles are easier to write in the afternoons. It's a small change, but I think it's going to work out much better for productivity. And you can't make money as a freelancer without productivity!! But the good news is that my new job has rated my work so far, and I'm still doing well. I expected that, but with all the doubts I had recently, it was a nice thing to hear.

277 Miles update: I've been editing the manuscript during my lunch hour, and I have 5 of 12 chapters line edited so far. I'm hoping to finish the editing off this weekend and start working on the revising part of it all.

And before I forget: I had a huge blogroll on this blog for awhile, but when I made changes on it a few weeks ago, it accidentally disappeared. So if you were on that blogroll, or if you just want to join it now, I would be more than happy to exchange links.

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