Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Now we're talkin'

I recently started writing articles for a new company. And it's great -- the article range widely in topics, and most of them are SEO orders, which I'm particularly fond of. Even though the jobs are only worth $1-$3 per article, I started out slowly. But The three article I wrote so far this week were all accepted today, and I also received a rating of excellent from one of the customers. Yatta!

This doesn't mean I can ditch out on my old job, however. I still have to work there, but not turn out a high quantity anymore, if I can turn out a high quantity with this new company (which shouldn't be much of a problem). And besides, many of the problems that arose this last week were in response to my high number of articles.

The only concern now? I've slipped into a temporary coma of laziness. I got used to the time off this week and last, so now I really have to get in gear and not shut off my alarm clock an hour before it rings. It's really a bad habit for me to break. But it's a necessary one.

Hope everyone enjoys their evening, and I promise to settle down on all of these posts. Three or more a day is just too much to keep up with, and probably a little unnecessary.

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