Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Creating a new atmosphere

I know that this is the season to open your windows when the nice, warm weather comes around, but I live next to a busy street. And that not only gets loud, but I can smell a mixture of Starbucks and McDonalds wafting through the air when the wind is right. I shouldn’t complain – I lived down the road from a pig farm when I was a kid, and the whole family dreaded a wind from the east. Anyway… I have been looking for the right scent to bring into my apartment that’s not too strong but not so subtle it was a waste of money either.

I’ve been checking a lot of fragrance sites (I love to buy things online) and checking sites like to see what kinds of products are available. I was thinking about getting a fragrance oil diffuser stick. Reed diffusers seem like an obvious choice to me. They offer a chance to provide a room with a subtle scent. And from what I have seen shopping around, you can get oil diffuser sticks in a lot of different scents.

If I had to choose just one scent right now, I think I would go with something like Paradise or Heaven. These fragrances are supposed to have tropical accents. And I really want to be reminded of the tropics, especially when I start to write more travel articles. I’ll be honest – I’ve never been to the tropics before, but if this can help my home smell like the tropics, I’m all for it.

Another choice for me would be something that contained vanilla. I love the scent of vanilla, as long as it’s not too strong. When vanilla has a really strong presence in a room, it ruins the affect for me because it makes me think of air fresheners in a public bathroom. But just a hint of vanilla is perfect for a house or apartment. I’ll decide which one I want eventually!

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