Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Not a good start

I slept in this morning. About and hour and a half more than I needed to. And today was the day that I planned to get back into work... the good paying work. But I couldn't really help sleeping in. There were some pretty wild dreams going through my head. Some maybe I can use for a story, so I had to let them play out and see what was what.

A seriously cool part of one dream was that I was staying in a hotel where the gimmick was you could sleep right on the beach... so they had waves and sand as the floor covering instead of carpet or hard wood. It was really funny. That one is the only one I remember really well... and I know that it ended with sand sticking on my feet and me sitting up in bed going "Oh no!" once I found my glasses and looked at the clock. What a way to start the morning. I blame it on the rain...

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