Thursday, April 23, 2009

Beautiful handmade batiks

I love the look of traditional Batik. For those that do not know, batik is a process of dyeing material using a wax-resistant dye. And the look of handmade Batik is simply stunning. I was browsing at this Batik store and found some really lovely items. I am really in love with thisBatik bed cover set . I think it would look amazing in my bedroom. And Batik styles are so versatile too. You can find Batik styles in more traditional patterns or contemporary styles.

I also found some good information on Batik and handmade Batik methods at the batik blog. What I think is so great about Batik is that you can use this method on almost any type of cloth product you want: from dresses to tablecloths, there are many products you can incorporate in your life.


And guess what? I have a great deal to share with all of you. If you used the coupon code: crafty at the Batik store, you will get 10% off all of your purchases. That’s a pretty good deal for these beautiful products. I know I’m going to take advantage of the savings. I’m a sucker for a good deal.


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Amy said...

oh yeah I can see why you like it, those particular shoes almost look like the fabric has been made from tapestry.