Friday, April 24, 2009

Plans do turn into something tangible... I think

I need to be absent from my blog for a few days. That might actually get some people jumping up in the air, since I have a tendency to post 2-4 times a day. What can I say? I love to write! But I’ll be away because of two reasons: I was offered some extra work on a tight deadline and I’m working on some really cool articles in my spare time. I really need that extra work because I want to spend my money on something other than bills. I feel like I should type “I’m a poor college student” but unfortunately it’s been about a year and a half since I could say that truthfully. Maybe I’ll go back and get my masters just so I can start saying it again. :D

And those other articles? I love travel writing, but I have yet to travel anywhere outside of a twenty mile radius – at least for the past two years. So I’m working on some really fun travel articles. I’m starting with where I live – good old Indianapolis, and working my way out. I’m ambitious, so I want to cover the world, at least through my articles. Should be fun. Travel research is just about the only thing I’m wiling to volunteer for when given a choice!

Have a great weekend everyone! Hope to see you smiling on the other side.


Patricia Rockwell said...

Good luck! We'll miss you!

Kristyn said...

Good luck with your projects. Have a good weekend!

zorlone said...


Just when I was about to leave a comment I found out that you are leaving.

Been a lurker at your blog for quite some time. Anyway, I hope you enjoy whatever it is that you are going to do.


Smart Teenager said...

Good luck and come back soon!

Anonymous said...

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