Thursday, April 16, 2009

Benefits of Blog Advertising

There are so many benefits to advertising on blogs. I did not realize how blog marketing could actually work for many businesses. At first I thought an advertiser would get one, maybe two hits from a blog post or cost per click ad on a blog. Even the most popular blogs couldn’t pull off that big of a profit, right? I was wrong. Especially after I watched Oprah one day and saw that a Mommy blogger earned quite a lot of money from sponsored advertising and marketing on her blog. Amazing!

I know that her situation is probably rare. Most people cannot earn a living by blogging along. Nor should they try. Blog advertising is a good way to earn a little something extra, but cannot be the backbone for your success. The blog itself should be your main concern when it comes to earning money from advertising.

The first tip for any blogger looking to make money with blog advertising is to make sure you write quality content. It does not matter how many visitors your get per day. If you content is not informative or useful in some way, you cannot build a base of regular readers. Regular readers are the ones more likely to check out your advertising in posts.

Along the same vein, whenever a blogger writes a blog post for money, it should reflect what the advertiser wants people to know about the product, but also how it personally relates to the blogger. You can start writing better reviews by carefully evaluating each paid opportunity and choosing ones that relate to your life and your blog.

And no one can ignore the power of SEO for blogs . If you have a niche blog, make sure to use SEO strategies to your advantage.

Paid posts should be a fun way to earn a little extra cash doing what you love to do anyway: blog!


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