Thursday, April 16, 2009

I'm such a baby

I hate spiders, birds, and the occasional giant moth. All bothered me today, but only two out of the three had the guts to penetrate the protective bubble that is my home. A big ugly spider was apparently living in the window in my dining room. I thought I saw it on Sunday, but ignored it. Oh... it's been living there since then at least. And since it looked like it had markings and had a pretty fast, high jumping capacity, I decided to freak out. I believe it had markings of a poisonous spider too, so it was no time to take any chances.

Then just as I started to calm down, thinking it would just stay in my window, a giant moth came fluttering in... through the absolutely closed window. It even has plastic covering it, with just a small place where it no longer sticks to the frame. Yet this fluttering freak found its way out and into my dining room!

So the spider gets hungry and starts crawling all over the ceiling. I'm screaming at this point, waiting for it to drop on my head. I run and get my Cubs hat to protect me. I'm on the phone, screaming to my mother. She's understanding, but quickly pointed out she couldn't do anything about it. She did, however, send my dad after he left work. He killed the moth, but the spider lives... maybe. He crawled up into my ceiling fan and we sprayed it with anything I had that might kill it... which was just a bottle of body spray that had a bit of an alcohol content.

Not sure if it's dead or not, but there's no way I'm going to be comfortable in the dining/living room area anymore. And I pay for pest control, but that never guarantees prevention of spiders... stupid damn little buggers.

Okay. I think I'm okay now. (even though I still feel like something is crawling all over me!)


zorlone said...

I am not really afraid of spiders, but, your post made the hair on my arms stand. LOL!

The scene about calling your mom was pretty hilarious, sorry I didn't mean to laugh.

I just want to get in the car and help you with that little, make that two little bug problems. But I wouldn't have made it since I am on the other side of the world.


Terri said...

Oh... it's alright. I plucked up enough courage to smash the spider to smithereens.