Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Donation Debate

My blog seems a bit like an endless ramble that no one could possibly be interested in. But surprisingly, I have a better readership that I ever thought I would. This is why recently in discussions between a friend and me, the idea of a donation button has been brought up. Since I am a full time freelance writer, she says that a donation button is an obvious choice since my blog is technically part of my job. I thought about it hard, but decided not to do this. My reasons for this are simple: A) would this in any way affect my taxes? (I hate figuring out taxes!) and B) I already have plenty of sponsored links that people can click if they want to help out.

I actually found an article that says pretty much the same thing, only in a more articulate way: Donation Buttons on Blogs? The reasons in the article mirror the same the way I feel about it, but I certainly don’t want others to be discouraged about using them. In fact, I have run across many blogs that don’t use it for just straight income. Many blogs use this as an opportunity to donate and support specific charities. Of course donors should give at their own risk, because there are liars in this world.

My only question to those that use donation buttons: does it work? It seems unless you have thousands of readers, there would be little chance for donations.

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