Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Just A Little Entrecarder Rant

99% of you are great, and I really appreciate the Entrecard system as a whole. Before, I don’t think a single person visited my blog on a daily basis. So what’s my beef? It’s the whole paid ad controversy. Personally, what’s wrong with paid ads? If a blogger is considering cashing out their credits when that is available, why not help boost income for the company? I accept paid ads on Entrecard. The only time I reject an ad is if there are multiple requests for the same ad back to back. I take the first one and reject the rest until the next day.

And my problem isn’t even with those that do not want to accept paid ads. If that’s the way you feel, then by all means keep your Entrecard ad-free. But when I see blogs that are arguing to never accept paid ads, and then BUY ads to put on other Entrecard widgets, I get a little ticked. Anyone ever heard of hypocrisy? If you refuse to accept paid ads and even go as far as to recommend to others not to accept paid ads, then you should not be buying paid ads for your own blog. That’s just ridiculous! Yet, because I am trying to be as fair as possible, chances are I’ll still accept your paid ad for my widget. All I ask is this – take a look at what kind of message you are sending.

Okay – rant is over!

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Thorne said...

Hehe. I thought the same thing when I saw a particular blog doing that. Then I just figured there might be a strategy to it. Some folks have made good sense in their arguments, others just seem to enjoy the rant. I'm meeting entrecard halfway. I accept paid ads from anyone that's not junk/spam advertising, and who is a blogger with a card.