Friday, April 03, 2009

On Security Systems

While I have never personally experienced a break in at home, I know how scary it can be. When I was a kid, we lived just at the edge of town, next to all of the crop fields. The year that the farmers let this particular field sit, there were a lot of animals roaming around and living in the high grass. One night in the summer, my family and I heard a lot of noise in the garage. We didn’t have really secure locks on the back door, so we all thought that someone was breaking in. Turns out, it was just an animal making a lot of fuss.

If we had a security system then, I’m sure we wouldn’t have been as terrified as we were. I guess that’s why I’ve been looking at security systems lately. Not for me, since I live in a an apartment, but for my parents. They live in a neighborhood that’s quiet, but has seen increasing amounts of disturbances lately. At Alarm Systems, I found a wireless security system package that I thought would be perfect – and affordable. The Gold Package offers many benefits, include 15 entry points, one button arming, and battery backup. They even include decals and signs to warn people not to bother trying to break in. This package only costs $199 up front. It’s just $34.95 a month after that. For protection that seems very affordable.

If you’re interested in a security system for your home, you can call 877-470-2751 to check out the different packages and options. And if you call, the company will also provide 2 keychain remotes with your order.


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