Thursday, May 28, 2009

Distracted or Determined: You Decide

Writers can be fickle people, and I'm no exception. Work was slow at the beginning of the week (but that's not the case anymore!) so I switched off my writer's hat and put on my genealogist's hat. Since I thought I had utilized every free source on the Internet to look for my ancestors, I didn't think I would find anything. Wrong! I found a publication from 1915 called “A Standard History of White County Indiana” that features a page-long biography on my great-great grandfather. It even gave me new information on his parents and grandparents. I was so excited last night that when I found it, I ran around the apartment a couple of times. But is this kind of work distracting my from my real work? I don't get paid for researching my family. I get paid for writing.

And it's not just genealogy. Almost anything can lure me to go astray from my writer duties – paid or otherwise. Even writing this blog is technically an excuse to get away from stuff I don't like to write. I'm trying to change this blah attitude... but at least I can say I'm not lazy anymore. I just need to focus my attention and drive on what is really important, otherwise I'll never escape from freelancing into the real publishing world. My word for June is: PRIORITIES.

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Patricia Rockwell said...

I got lost in genealogical research about ten years ago. It consumed my time. When I finally realized that there was truly NO END to it (there's always another cousin or great-great-great- somebody you can track down) I gave it up.