Monday, May 04, 2009

Oh, it's finally the first full week of the month. I'm working up a storm and it feels great. It probably won't by the end of the week, but that's another story. I did have a little issue making a phone call this morning (I hate making semi-professional calls...) but that little trauma is over and I survived. So now I'm back to working on my articles. I wish I could talk more about some of my work – but I'm all wrapped up in a variety of non-disclosure agreements. I kept noticing my vagueness and since it annoyed me, I assume it annoys everyone else. So, I might move my focus to only those articles that I can fully talk about, since I hold the bylines and all that good stuff.

Speaking of my work, I've put links to my travel series on the left hand column (scroll down). Right now there's still only that one little article to boast about, but more will be up soon. And if you have any suggestions about an Indy attraction or the next city I should feature, I'm all ears.

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