Sunday, May 03, 2009

Weather all around

Right now, I'm loving the weather in Indiana. It's currently 64 degrees outside. And all this week the temperature will be in the low seventies – that's my kind of weather. Some places can get a little to hot for me, like Arizona. But I do have a friend who may move to Arizona in the next few months. She loves 80 degrees and above. She even loves working outside in it. Personally, I love an air conditioned office, so I really admire her.

But you can tell just by looking at landscaping for Arizona how the weather can bring its unique perks. I love how bright green plants can stand out among the desert landscape. I also love when desert landscaping elements are used in backyard designs. And if I just loved the heat a little more, I think Arizona would be a great place to live.

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Kristyn said...

The weather has been really beautiful here in Texas over the last few days, too. It rained yesterday, cleared up late today, and has been absolutely gorgeous!

I'm not a huge fan of the heat, which is a little ironic since I live in TX. It's been hot here on and off, but I think more than anything the humidity is awful.

Hope it stays nice there! :)