Monday, June 15, 2009

It's almost over

It feels surreal that the project I've been working on for the better part of a year is going to end soon. If I'm lucky and stick to my schedule, it will end on Thursday. While that gives me a wonderful three day weekend, it still means I have to scramble to find a new project. While I love to write, this time I think I want an editing project. After all, that will provide me with an excuse to brush up on grammar without making it feel like a study session. I just have to find an editing project that doesn't require me to send in a lot of references. I've only edited one e-book before, and I'm not sure I still have the client's contact info. Oh well. Anyone need anything edited? :)

Even if I do have a lag in work, I can get back to my novel and genealogy. The novel is priority, but I'm having way too much fun looking for old newspaper articles about my ancestors. Too bad I'm only allowed to save a specific number of a specific type of pages that are available. I will have to break down one day and just pay for a subscription. There's too many genealogical gems. I can't pass them up.

And that's how it all comes full circle. I need a new job to pay for my hobbies. I really feel like singing "The Circle of Life" but I will resist!

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