Monday, July 13, 2009

So close

I'm so close to finishing this round of revisions for 277 Miles. I'm on chapter 8 of 12. But there's a pattern emerging, and it isn't good. The first few chapters had solid edits/revisions written all over the margins and even on the back of some of the pages. The later chapters have brackets around sentences or phrases that I wanted to fix, but no additional comments. Apparently I was in a hurry when I was editing!

I have put aside the poetry book, at least for today. I need to concentrate on getting some more work. I've been working on some of those $2 articles, but not enough for what I need. Now I'm grateful that my last job waited 60 to pay me. That means I have until the end of August to really find a replacement for the income that I lost. UP SIDE: more time to find the right one. DOWNSIDE: I'm lazy and procrastinate until the very end. And like I have probably said before, I think I'm more interested in an editing job rather than a writing job this time. So I have to be better and greater than my writing to actually have a chance at an editing job. It's really hard to prove how good of an editor you are when you can't seem to edit your own work!

That little positive attitude I pushed to the side needs to come back. Without work, there's really nothing else in my life. Sad, but true.

Having less work also means I'm on Twitter a lot more. For anyone who follows me -- sorry about the influx of messages today! For some reason, I feel compelled to share a lot more thoughts today. It's not a habit I'm looking to feed, so worry not!

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