Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Choosing Hot Topics to Write About

Every freelance writer knows that choosing hot topics to write about is the best way to get page views. In many cases, the more page views an article receives, the more money the writer earns. With sites such as eHow, Triond, and Associated Content a writer needs to pay attention to popular topics in order to earn money each month.

There are a few simple ways that a writer can find popular topics to write about. First, pay attention to what you and your peers are searching for online. If you are searching for information on Obama's plans for healthcare reform, chances are others will be searching that topic and hitting the same sites. Knowing your own habits can also be a curse. If your interests fall into a small niche, such as collecting vintage copies of an author's work, writing about those topics may be fulfilling and interesting, but not profitable.

The next step is to check out what others are writing about. Look at a few articles with high page views. If you can reasonably add information to the topic or find a new angle to write about, your article can be just as popular. This also works with the individual writer. Using the same topic for multiple articles is an easy way for your readers to get more in-depth information from another supplement articles on the main topic. The result is that you have a good chance of getting more than one page view from many of your readers.

A third way to find hot topics to write about is look at the top keyword searches at Google, Yahoo!, or other top search engines. Take an interesting keyword and put it into a keyword suggestion tool to find similar keywords. These additional keywords can also turn into additional articles if you are searching on a broad topic such as "Crohn's disease."

The best way to write a profitable article is to just keep writing and pay attention to how long it takes to write a single article. Many writers have to time their articles just right in order to get the most page views. If you miss the peak of that topic, find another hot topic to write about.

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