Monday, August 03, 2009

Writing is fun!

Okay, so writing has always been fun for me, but this week it's especially fun. I finally have the time to work on fiction again, and I'm not going to let this chance get away from me. I'm working on a flash fiction story for a contest. I don't expect to win, but this is still a great opportunity to write something new and actually get in done within a reasonable amount of time. I actually have a number of contest entries lined up, all of which are due in by the end of September.

Since the first draft of all the entries have been completed, I'll have plenty of time for work and revisions this week. And if I can get the flash done early, I can get back to working on the poems for Personas. Some of the poems are giving me a hard time and I need to show them who's boss!

My only obstacle this week is the last part of my move: packing a handful of boxes and watching the movers like a hawk. I have never used a moving company before, and I'm very possessive about the possessions I do have. I know it's just paranoia and I'll get over it. And if I can't, I'll write a poem about it. Ah, literary therapy.

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