Friday, August 07, 2009

Real life can take a back seat

Now that all of the packing is done, I just have to venture back to the old apartment tomorrow to let the movers in for the big stuff. My lease isn't up until the end of August, so I will have plenty of time to clean and pick up those last few pieces of mail that I didn't get forwarded.

All my attention can now be focused on my writing career. Not that it's spectacular in any way, it's just that when I want to make money, I neglect my fiction. Fiction is the one writing style that I'm hoping to get paid for one day instead of writing 200 words on a keyword that doesn't make sense in any sentence. My schedule is working, and I'm glad I have to the determination to stick to it this time!

I can't neglect other areas of my writing either--such as this blog. You all are a big part of my motivation. Knowing that even just a few of you read my blog on a regular basis has pushed me to write better, more informative posts. You are keeping me accountable for what I put on the Internet, and I appreciate it.

To continue to show my appreciation, I'm also developing those interview questions I have been promising for the last few months. Once they are complete (no later than the end of September), I will send out requests to interview writers who blog or bloggers who write, depending on how they seem themselves. Those will be featured on Friday's posts.

I am also contemplating a change in the ads that I post on this blog. Right now, most are through pay-per-blog opportunities. I would rather have ads that better reflect the needs of the freelance writer/blogger, so once I come up with a fair price to place ads here, I will let you all know.

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