Monday, August 10, 2009

Ready to get started again

Monday mornings always renew my drive for writing. But Tuesday, I'll get an edit and that feeling will change, but at least I'll have 24 hours of solid work ethic in me. And I need it because I have so many ideas stuck in my head that need to get out! First, I'm on a girl girl/bad boy kick. I'm really interested in dating someone that has a motorcycle or rebuilt classic car. Of course in my weird way it would need to be a nerdy bad boy, which kind of defeats the purpose. I even went on a dating site looking for nerdy bad boys, but I'm not sure that exists. But I am currently taking applications. ;)

As an idea though, I really want to write about the adventures of a nerdy bad boy. I think it would be fun to explore and see what makes a guy like that tick. In the meantime, it's back to these less-than-exciting paid articles. Hope everyone else is having a great day!

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