Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Top Writing Podcasts

Since I graduated from college, maintaining face-to-face contact with a community of writers has been impossible. The Internet is (at the moment) my only lifeline to other writers, editors, and others interested in good literature.

One of the tools I use to keep up to date in the world of writing is subscribing to podcasts from writers, for writers, and about writers. Below is my top list of writing podcasts. It's a subjective list of what I like to listen to, but there are plenty of other writing podcasts available that I have yet to try.

1. The New Yorker Fiction Podcast
The New Yorker Fiction Podcast is hosted by the magazine's fiction editor, Deborah Treisman. The podcast is updated once a month with authors reading short stories published by other authors in the magazine, then gives their take on the piece. They talk about why this piece is important and how it impacted their writing.

2. PRI: Selected Shorts

Public Radio International's Selected Shorts is a podcast that features readings in Symphony Space in New York City as well as other areas throughout the country. These hour-long podcasts feature 2-4 stories written by classic and new authors. The stories are read by other authors, actors, and the founders of Symphony Space. Some of the well known names that have participated in these readings include Stephen Colbert, Robert Sean Leonard, and Jane Curtin.

3. New Letters on the Air

New Letters on the Air is a podcast hosted by Angela Elam to compliment the literary journal New Letters. The podcast provides a conversation with writers about their own writing. Those featured discuss their influences, writing techniques, and share excerpts of their latest work.

If you listen to any of these podcasts, feel free to add your two cents on the topic.

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