Friday, September 25, 2009

And I don't know why

I'm getting into one of those hopeless moods again. It's only when someone points out to me that I should be farther along in my life than I am. They tell me I should be making good money, have a nice home, a gaggle of great friends, and a family of my own. I think these people mean well, but they don't understand that I'm shy and cannot handle a lot of social situations. They also don't realize that these are the things I'm striving for, but I just can't reach. It's kind of dumb, sure, but what really makes me mad is that they are pointing out everything that I already know.

And spending time thinking about all of this just takes time away from putting all aspects of my life into place. It's a vicious cycle... and only happens on Fridays when I have nowhere to go, so maybe its just a twinge of bitterness?

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