Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A new article

I wrote a new article this morning, Uses for Liquid Lanolin. So far, that's about all that I have done. Work isn't slow in general, but I needed to slow down. I was caught up in a flurry of emotions and was not able to separate work from life. Although, there's only about three feet of separation between the two at this point.

Today I'm taking the time to clear things up, learn what I can and cannot do in my career, and figure out what I want, because right now, I am not getting anything that I wanted to achieve from this career choice. I'm still unsure where the variable lies. It could be that this career isn't a good match, or it could just be me. I may not realize how much time and effort I really need to put into this job.

The advice from either side is compelling: never give up and never settle, or settle because you can't get anything better. If I really got into it, I think many of you would be surprise as to who is telling me to settle.

That's my two cents for today.

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