Sunday, October 04, 2009

Choosing Blog Advertising

Freelance writing can lead beginners down many different paths. Some of these paths will lead to a minuscule income with more and more effort being spent on just pennies an hour. Other paths will lead new writers to at least a moderate income, one that they can take to the bank. One opportunity that will supplement any struggling writer's income is blog advertising.

Most writers quickly learn that an online presence with a blog is an essential part of getting your name and your reputation out to those that may need your services. Blog advertising and getting paid to blog provide two ways to benefit freelance writers. When you are just starting out, taking a few paid to blog opportunities can supplement your income. Once you have made a name for yourself, you can easily market to a wider audience by marketing with one of the least expensive forms of marketing online.

Many surveys have been taken on the accuracy and relevance of blog advertising, and many advertisers that use this type of service rave about how well it has worked for their business. Why does it work so well? There are two reasons: target audiences and trustworthiness.

Blog advertising is a great way to find specific demographics to target. Want to sell your baby products? Get a mommy blogger to talk about it. Want to sell your new business idea? Look for entrepreneur blogs. If there's someone talking about a topic, chances are someone also hosts a blog about it.

Many people will also be more inclined to try your products if a blogger that they trust has tried the product and given an honest review about it. For this to work, you will need to target blogs that have a high regular readership, then you can sell your writing skills to many, instead of just one at a time.

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