Friday, October 02, 2009

Discipline is Key

Since my little meltdown last week, I've really been getting down to the heart of why work gets so frustrating at times, and I can't blame everyone else but me. I need to take some responsibility too, and I think my biggest problem is self-discipline. I was reading an article about self-employment today and it spoke to me. I knew that getting in to this type of work would be more difficult than I expected, but there's just so much to get in order each day before work starts. You need to have a set schedule, be able to regulate yourself like a boss would, and spend as much time writing as you do marketing, networking with clients, and finding new work. Of course the article I read was focused on quitting your current job to start an adventure in self-employment. Technically, I decided to put myself through this hell before I had the chance to tell any boss to shove it.

Now that I have had a reality check, I'm getting down to business. I stick to the all-important schedule, constantly look for new clients that need my services, and I'm looking at different advertising spaces where I can put some ads for my business.

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