Thursday, October 01, 2009

Getting creative

I hate spammers, but I have to give some of the latest ones a little bit of credit. Day after day I get the usually handful of Nigerian princes begging me to take their money or girls that think I'm looking for a hot time tonight (mmm, not so much). But now I'm finally starting to see some effort on their part--they have tailored the spam to feed my creative ego.

I have not fallen for any of these scams, but putting "do you like poetry?", "get published", and "work from home writing jobs" shows they at least tried to sucker me in. These messages all end up in my spam folder, so I've never bothered to open any of them. The only consequence is that some real writing newsletters and replies to applications have ended up in my spam folder. But I check it regularly to ensure I'm getting all of my messages, so I'm not worried.

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