Friday, October 23, 2009

A Warm Bath Robe for All

I have been thinking a lot about Christmas presents lately. Sometimes it's hard to shop for family and friends. You may think that you know everything about them, but some people are just really hard to please. I have never went wrong with a terry bath robe. It warm and comforting without being extremely intimate. It's a perfect present for the mother-in-law in your life. Of course if you know that the person you want to buy a robe for likes a lighter touch, a waffle bath robe is probably a better choice. This type of robe breathes well after a hot bath.

If you are shopping for a younger person, a towel wrap is probably your best bet. Towel wraps come in fun colors, can be used in places like the college dorm and stay put on your body without pulling. I know I looked everywhere for a towel wrap when I was entering college – little did I know that I could easily find them online!

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