Monday, November 23, 2009

The Holidays Are Upon Us

I just spent two hours wrapping Christmas presents. It's fun at first, but once you get down to the last few, paper starts ripping, scissors stop working, and you question why you ever bother in the first place. But I'm one of those people that make the effort even when you know the other person won't, so my living room is filled with presents. I probably spent too much in total, but per person the average price is very reasonable.

And if I have some more last minute things to get, I'll probably check out Amazon's Black Friday Deals. Anyone who reads this blog will recall how much I love shopping online. This is just another excuse to do so!

Work is going well, but I'm having to put up a fight for what I want. Everyone else is hungrily grabbing work for a padded paycheck. Since I already spent my money, I'm just trying to fill my bank accounts again, but it's not looking too promising -- at least this week. After Black Friday, things should calm down again and a lot more work should be available. So if I have free time, I'll sneak in a few words to add to NANOWRIMO. At least it keep me writing!

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