Monday, November 30, 2009

Trying to get back

Getting back to a normal routine after a holiday is really hard for me. Work is slow, so I feel unaccomplished. There's still the stench of leftover turkey in the refrigerator. It suddenly got cold in the Midwest, so my toes are freezing. But, I have my health, a job, and a roof so I still consider myself pretty lucky.

And I made my final purchase for the year -- shoes for my Christmas dress. The dress is navy blue with some pink/fuchsia flowers on it, so I thought that these would go perfectly:

I chose the pink ones. They look like shiny wrapping paper and should give me that little pop of color my outfit needs (I definitely watch too much TLC). And now my credit card will be hidden until the new year. THere's nothing else that I really need anyway. Shopping (especially online) is just another excuse to avoid writing, and we certainly don't want that!

Speaking of writing, NANOWRIMO is another bust this year. I haven't written since before Thanksgiving and I'm pretty sure I can't get through more than 10K tonight. The one thing I can pat myself on the back for is getting past the 20K mark. First time ever and I hope this means I will have a better chance at winning next year.


Patricia Rockwell said...

I've done NaNo two years in a row. I agree Thanksgiving is a problem, which is why I try to finish before Thanksgiving.

Anonymous said...
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