Thursday, January 14, 2010

Finding A New Outlet

Months ago I played a game called Ikariam for winding down in the evenings. Eventually, I got a little obsessed, a little annoyed—then I finally quit cold turkey. I'm thinking maybe it's time to now succumb to the pull of World of Warcraft. I'm still not sure whether I want to jump into it. The game seems great, but also could take up a lot of my time. I know that quite a few of my friends are already playing it. I even know where to buy cheap wow gold so that I can get started on the right foot.

In the past, I have usually had great experiences with balancing gaming and real life. Then again, there were a few not-so-good experiences with this. At one point, I had very little freelance work coming in and I could be on the Xbox or the computer for hours at a time. Talk about being a lazy good-for-nothing! But the great experiences with online and console gaming far outweigh those little mishaps I've had. And there are so many new people to meet (the real ones, mind you) on some of these games. At least I know what some of my friends were talking about a little bit better if I joined in on a game or two.


Anonymity said...

Don't do it. Step away from the WOW and walk away.

I have seen too many people die to their real lives to live in the computer generated fantasy world that is making those at Blizzard billionaires.

Here is the best social commentary I have ever seen on this deadly fever infecting our fair nation.

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