Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Perfect Dog

A story I have been working on lately includes a main character that has a cat. I wish I knew more about cats, but I'm definitely a dog person. And even though I'm in complete control of my characters, there is no way that this character would ever give up her fluffy kitty for a drooling puppy.

For me, the perfect pet would be a dog. I really admire those that have the space and the patience for retired racing dogs. I met quite a few when I volunteered at an animal rescue shelter in 2003. But with all of their energy, the need for dog medicine and lots of attention, there's no way I could care for one right now. All I have room for is a chihuahua at the moment. And my dog allergies certainly don't help the campaign to get a puppy!

I'm almost tempted to leave this story alone for awhile so that I can learn a little more about cats. I'm a bit resistant, but there's no getting around this. I already have to research Las Vegas and some other interest topics for this story, so why not add cats on top of it? I guess I'll be pretty busy researching this weekend.

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