Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Welcome Distraction

Work has been tough this week. It's going a lot slower than I thought. And those three little poems I have to finish for my book? I haven't visited those in two days. No inspiration I guess. I think I'm gonna need a vacation soon.

Also, it doesn't help that I'm getting distracted by music, videos and other online content. It's not necessary for me to watch it, but it's too much fun to pass up. I can't help myself when I search on a Media Search Engine to find cute videos of puppies, kittens, etc. I guess it's from watching a lot of the Bonnie Hunt Show that I get the need to break up my seemingly endless day with a video that warms your heart. I also have to get my fill of videos about or starring any of my secret celebrity crushes... but that's just an impulse that carried on from childhood. I still can't break the habit!

Obviously YouTube is a great choice to find these videos, but I've also been looking around for other media sites that give me a good mix of cute, funny and musical. What media sites do you all use?

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