Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Guess what I get to do this weekend?

I have two major events going on this weekend: the nephew's fifth birthday (yay!) and taxes (boo). I got him a pair of Lego walkie-talkies. Those should be fun to play with. We also splurged on a Batman cake for him because that's the only thing he really want for his special day.

And those pesky taxes? Yeah. Well. I already started by gathering up the various receipts I need to work it all out. I made more than last year, which is going to hurt once I find out how much I owe the federal government. I don't both with estimated taxes at this point because I'm still making a pretty low wage in terms of the national average.

And for other freelancers out there, I've put together a short list of freelance tax resources that have helped me in the past. Hope these can help you on your journey through 1099s, Schedule C, and other fun forms.

LovetoKnow: Freelance Writers and Estimated Taxes
The Anti-9-to-5 Guide: Freelance Tax FAQ
InkThinker: 25 Tax Resources for Freelance Writers

And of course I have to include a little article of my own: How to File Taxes with No 1099s

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