Monday, February 22, 2010

Taking the time to do it right

This weekend, I was finally able to relax! It was such a change of pace for me. I was able to work on a puzzle, continue my crocheting and even turn up my iPod and just mellow out. I'm carrying this feeling over into the work week because I know how much I need to cultivate my writing rather that just slapping it down and publishing it.

My goal for this week (and for the future) is to slow down on my articles. I want to really get into the topic, think about the angles that someone would be interested in and get the story down with much more care than before. I'm tired of writing articles that are just "acceptable" to get paid. Having that attitude will never sustain my career.

I'm also planning on immersing myself into my articles by taking my own caption photos when time and subject availability permits. I'm sure most people looking for information on the Internet are completely done with the generic stock photography included with most articles. Some places that I work for I will continue to have no control over these photos, but where I do, I will certainly try my best to improve the total reading experience.

Now, it's time for the treadmill. Fun, fun. But at least I'm still on track with those resolutions I made all the way back in January! Small steps for big goals really do work.

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