Monday, February 15, 2010

Eventful Weekend

I'm still working hard on my weight loss goal for the year, and I certainly managed to get in my exercise this weekend. I spent most of the weekend with the nephews. They are a hoot and also really, really energetic. And even though this was the weekend for love, I did not falter and delve into a box full of chocolate candies. Nope, instead I was well aware of my singleness and left it at that. I had plans to write a sappy poem either about the holiday or about being single, but the humor didn't come through for me.

I did, however, manage to complete my first roll on my Diana Mini. I was scared this morning when I rewound the film. This was my first time doing that on an analogue camera and I thought I messed it all up. When I finished rewinding, the counter didn't reset. Luckily there is advice everywhere on the Internet and I found the answer to my question. I managed not to break it and can't wait to get the film developed!

Writing is... slow. I managed one article last week. I hope to complete much more this week all while saving myself from another month of paycheck to paycheck living. Stress is high, but it only makes me more determined to get through.

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